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My name is Coach Win and my mission is to help you make a successful transition from work to a more purposeful and meaningful retirement. As a baby boomer myself having retired from regular full-time employment, I have personally experienced and grappled with the issues most of you are or will be experiencing.

I enjoyed a 20-year career as a vocational expert witness, rehabilitation counselor, career counselor, and disability management specialist. I either conducted or supervised thousands of career assessments, job analyses, and job-seeking skills training sessions.

I then had a second successful career as an IT program and project manager working with cross-functional teams, vendors and clients in both the public and private sectors, and I have experienced employment from the federal, state, for-profit, non-profit and self-employment perspectives. In short, I have deep knowledge about the world of work and know from both personal and professional experience what “retirement” is all about.

Since traditional retirement is quickly becoming an outdated concept and saw that the non-financial aspects of retirement were not being addressed, I made it my mission to share my knowledge and experience with others. 


There are two words I’d like you to introduce you to which you may not be familiar with: unretirement and protirement. Unretirement conveys the idea of returning to productive, gainful work activity of some kind, usually because retirement did not turn out as planned. Protirement represents the notion of leaving your profession to do something more satisfying and fulfilling. That, my friends, is what the next chapter of your life can and should be, and I can help you get there.

Secrets to a More Purposeful and Meaningful Retirement
--How to live a retirement lifestyle that doesn't suck!

I am available to present my highly acclaimed and interactive workshop for your organization, club or conference breakout session. The core workshop runs 90-120 minutes but can be modified to accommodate your timeframe.  


Secrets to a More Purposeful and Meaningful Retirement is a much-needed addition to any corporate Employee Assistance or Wellness Program; and the perfect value-add for Certified Financial Planners, wealth managers or insurance agents.


The workshop was designed for those approaching retirement and recent retirees, although anyone will benefit from acquiring the knowledge and tools needed to make informed retirement lifestyle decisions and to put them on a path to a more satisfying and purposeful life. 

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