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Edwin W. Smith, C.L.C.

Certified Life Coach

Certified Happiness Coach

Certified Life Purpose Coach

Elderhood Evangalist

Speaker, Author

Coach Win's "Don't Call It Retirement" article in Connection magazine
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My name is Coach Win and my mission is to share the knowledge, skills, and abilities I possess to help you get on a path to a more meaningful, satisfying, or purposeful life. As a baby boomer retired from regular full-time employment, I have personally experienced and grappled with the issues most of you are or will likely experience.

I enjoyed a 20-year career as a vocational expert witness, rehabilitation counselor, career counselor, and disability management specialist, and had a second successful career as an IT program and project manager. Having found a dearth of information to plan my own retirement lifestyle, I embarked on a journey to study the research and to learn all I could about life after a career so I am uniquely qualified based on my own post-career journey and from my professional experience how you can reimagine, redesign, and live out the best rest of your life. Traditional retirement is an outdated concept and I’ve made it my mission to share my knowledge, experience and expertise with others. 

Hands-on Workshops
Secrets to a More Purposeful and Meaningful Retirement
--How to live a retirement lifestyle that doesn't suck!

This workshop was designed for those approaching retirement and recent retirees, although anyone will benefit from the information and tools needed to get on a path to a more satisfying and purposeful life. 


Secrets to a More Purposeful and Meaningful Retirement is a much-needed addition to any corporate Employee Assistance or Wellness Program; and the perfect value-add for CFPs and other financial advisors, or insurance agents who want to provide real value to the clients they serve.


If you attended one of Coach Win's retirement workshops, all forms and worksheets you will need to create a more meaningful life are included in My Retirement Toolkit. To purchase your own retirement toolkit, just click on the red toolbox above. .

How to Live a Life of Purpose in God's Image

This workshop was designed for Christians and others who consider themselves spiritual beings. However, any attendee will find the information provided to be of value.


You will learn how you became to be the person you are today, and learn about the Costa Rican concept of Plan de Vida, and the Japanese concept of Ikigai. Coach Win will also present the stepping stones that will lead you to identify your purpose in life.


Yes. you CAN create and live a more purposeful and more meaningful life. Come learn how! 

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