Congratulations! As a financial advisor, I'm sure you have your clients’ financial portfolios well in hand.


But here is the issue. 

Financial planning alone ignores the other 75% of a post-career life, namely the Physical, Sociological, and Psychological aspects of "retirement" which, frankly, is a word we need to retire. 


You may have read recent articles in such prestigious publications as Benefit News and MarketWatch about the need for financial advisors to also address the non-financial aspects of retirement.


Here’s my solution.

My popular educational and often transformational workshop titled “Secrets to a Happier and More Meaningful Retirement” solves that issue. For most financial advisors, this is the missing component in comprehensive retirement planning and a fantastic value-add your clients will appreciate and thank you for. 


For your special or VIP clients, I am currently available to work one-on-one with your client and his/her spouse.

You'll find all the details in my latest White Paper and Proposal. 

Let's develop a mutually beneficial business relationship! 

Coach Win 


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