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Working with Coach Win...



I have found that the most efficient option and the most cost-effective option for my clients is to offer time-limited, fixed-fee pricing. It removes uncertainty about both cost concerns and about the process. No long-term commitment unless that is your choice. Every client I work with has different goals, priorities, and time to devote to the coaching process.


For those not familiar with the coaching process, coaching draws primarily from the disciplines of sociology, psychology, career counseling, business, mentoring, behavior modification, psychometric testing, modeling, leisure time counseling and rehabilitation counseling. Unlike counseling or therapy, coaches generally do not diagnose and believe the solution(s) for most clients is already within themselves. In short, the focus of coaching is on the gap between where a client is today, where that client wants to be, and how to best get there.


My job as a coach is to listen, ask clarifying and thought-provoking questions, and help that lightbulb go on in your head. You can expect having to do some real soul searching or self-reflection. As your coach, I will facilitate you being able to identify the action steps and goals that will get you on a path to where you want to be. Once an action plan has been developed, I will usually transition to being your “Accountability Partner” until you reach your desired goal(s).


The secret behind a successful coaching outcome is never someone's INTENTION. We all have good intentions. It's always someone's ACTION. An INTENTION is a feeling while an ACTION is a behavior that is the force behind real change. 

Quarterly Commitment Package

  • Six (6) one-hour coaching sessions for 3 months

  • Unlimited Email/Text/Chat support

  • Unlimited research and assessment

  • $900 first 3-month period

  • $750 subsequent 3 month periods

Pay As You Go   Coaching Package

  • Review and assessment of client documentation

  • One Individual 90-minute coaching session

  • Two weeks of unlimited Email/Text/Chat support

  • $250 


Be-My-Best Exploration


Choose between either

  • Two 90-minute coaching sessions or

  • Three 1-hour coaching sessions

  • Unlimited Email/Text support between coaching sessions

  • $475

12-Month Self-Directed

Coaching Package

  • Initial orientation session with Coach Win

  • Free copy of “My Retirement Toolkit”

  • Review of forms/worksheets

  • 12 monthly check-in/status calls

  • One year of unlimited e-mail/text support

  • $600

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