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Coach Win

Edwin W. Smith, C.L.C.

Certified Life Coach

Certified Happiness Coach

Certified Life Purpose Coach

Elderhood Evangelist

Speaker, Writer, Author

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My name is Coach Win and my mission is to share my knowledge, skills, and expertise to help you get on a path to a more meaningful, satisfying, and purposeful life. As a baby boomer, I have personally experienced and grappled with the retirement issues most of you are or will likely experience.


My background includes having enjoyed a 20-year career as a vocational expert witness, rehabilitation counselor, career counselor, and disability management specialist, and had a second successful career as an IT program and project manager. Having found a dearth of information to plan my own retirement lifestyle, I embarked on a journey to research the non-financial aspects of retirement, pivoted, and became a life coach so I am uniquely qualified based on my own retirement journey and from my professional experience to help you reimagine, redesign, and live out the best rest of your life.

Carpe Futurum!

RE:ignite Your Retirement Dreams!


A fulfilling retirement life is not just about the money. In fact, focusing on your financial portfolio ignores 75% of a meaningful and fulfilling post-career lifestyle. It ignores the physical, psychological and sociological aspects of life! Creating your non-financial portfolio, (aka a psycho-social or happiness portfolio) may even be more important than your financial portfolio. It’s the main reason I created “My Retirement Toolkit”.


In-person or Virtual Workshops


Coach Win would love to present one of his popular workshops for your church, group or organization. The workshop content can be adjusted to accommodate your available time and can be done in-person or virtually via Zoom. Simply send an email to and he'll follow up with you. His three most popular presentations are: 


  1. Secrets to a Happier and more Meaningful Retirement
  2. How to Live a Life of Purpose in God's Image
  3. The 10 Keys to Real Happiness

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