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4 Common tax scams to watch for in 2018

Updated: Mar 11, 2018

(As reported by Norton and LifeLock)

  • Phishing This is when fraudsters send fake emails to trick you into sharing personal data. Legitimate government agencies like the IRS or state tax boards do not contact you with a simple email.

  • Phone fraud Identity thieves impersonate government agencies or financial institutions to demand payment. The first contact for payment is rarely if ever by phone. You will likely first receive a letter or bill in the mail.

  • Tax preparer fraud If you use tax preparers or a tax service, watch out for emails that appear to be from them asking for private information. Delete and call your tax professional or service immediately.

  • Phony IRS agents visit your home This scam often targets the elderly. Real IRS agents carry photo IDs, and will try to contact you before making a home visit.

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