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Coach Win's Top 10 Rules for a Happy Retirement

A simple Internet search will produce many dozens of websites with “Rules for a Happy Life”. I’ve conducted many such searches and have used the search results to generate my own list of rules that I consider to have particular applicability to a meaningful and happier retirement (elderhood for those of you who know how I feel about the word retirement).

While I could have easily come up with a long list such rules, I have limited my list to 10 rules. Here then, is my list of “Top 10 Rules for a Happy Retirement”, although these rules apply to living a happy, purposeful life as well. Enjoy and I hope you make a sincere effort to live/retire by these rules!

  1. Always stay true to your core values and your commitments

  2. Spend less money than you have coming in

  3. Be grateful and show appreciation to others

  4. Give priority to what is right and not to who is right

  5. Stop using the word “should”

  6. Give to give and not to receive

  7. Be a life-long learner as long as you can

  8. Live a life of service in your local community and the world

  9. Keep in mind that your health is your wealth

  10. Be flexible and adaptable to change

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