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Guiding Older Parents Through a Downsize: From Decluttering to Affording Care

Guest writer: Andrea Needham,

Is your aging parent among the 40 percentof seniors with a disability? It’s not uncommon for seniors to have physical limitations that affect their independence. While some seniors manage to age in place, others will need to move to an age-friendly home where they can live safely.

That doesn’t mean most seniors are destined for assisted living. If an older adult is struggling to keep up with a big home but can still manage the activities of daily living, a smaller home may be enough to keep their independence.

Big houses are beautiful, but for seniors, they’re not always practical. Whether your parents downsize to a smaller home or move to assisted living, they’ll need your support —both physical and emotional — throughout this big change. While downsizing has a lot of benefits for seniors, it’s a tough process best done with loved ones by their side.

If you’re facing this decision in your own family, let these resources guide you through your senior downsizing options.

Is It Time to Downsize?

When should retirees downsize their homes?

The first signs that your aging parents need help.

Exploring Your Senior Living Options

A guide to assisted living for seniors.

How to know when downsizing your home makes sense.

Considering moving your loved one into your home?

Resources for Selling a Parent’s Home

Housing market trends in Mission Viejo (avg. sale price: $735k over the last 30 days).

7 online tools to help you estimate your home’s value.

How to calculate your home equity.

Financing for Older Homebuyers

Are you ever too old to get a mortgage?

A reverse mortgage to buy a home? Here’s how.

Mortgage help for veterans.

How to Pay for Senior Living

How to afford long-term care.

Medicaid’s benefits for assisted living facility residents.

Veterans Affairs benefits: Long-term care information.

Helping Senior Parents Through the Big Move

How to help an elderly loved one downsize.

Things to know when downsizing parents’ stuff.

Tips for making an assisted-living room more homey.

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