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Retirement Research Papers

Dear readers,

If you’re the type of person interested in academic research papers and surveys related to elderhood and retirement, you will want to check out my recently updated Research, Surveys and Other Resources page using my website’s Resources link in the main menu. I’ve added links to the following documents:

Transamerica’s 18th annual survey of workers, published in December 2017. You’ll find a lot of interesting findings and stats.

The Administration on Aging and the Administration for Community Living posted their 2017 Profile of Older Americans. If you haven’t seen the results, I’m quite certain it’ll be an eye-opener for you.

You’ll also find a link to a document from the Economic Policy Institute titled The State of American Retirement –How 401(k)s have failed most American workers by Monique Morrissey. Read it and learn. You’ll find many interesting graphs related to the topic.

If you have an interest in the behavioral and psychological aspects related to the making of a retirement decision, you’ll find this research by Melissa A. Z. Knoll an interesting read.

The last reference I posted is somewhat similar to the preceding research. This one is titled Psychological Effects of the Transition to Retirement. The focus of this research is on the psychological effects of leaving the workplace for the transition to retirement. While mainly aimed at professionals, you’ll gain some useful insights.

I’ve spent a lot of time looking for pertinent research studies and will post another set of similar documents in the near future.

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