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Retirement Worksheets:

Research Papers & Other Free Resources

  1. Federal government website on retirement  

  2. Social Security Administration’s retirement income calculator 

  3. An online directory of companies offering senior discounts

  4. Next Avenue: A public media (PBS) sponsored resource for seniors 

  5. Employers, Workers and Retirement Security (18th Annual Transamerica Retirement Survey)

  6. AARP website. The obvious leading resource for 55+

  7. Senior Community Service Employment Program 

  8. Social Security Administration's Retirement Checklist 

  9. Psychological Effects of the Transition to Retirement

  10. The Effect of Retirement on Mental Health & Social Inclusion of the Elderly  

  11. Behavioral & Psychological Aspects of the Retirement Decision 

  12. Retirement Prospects for the Millennials: What is the Early Prognosis? 

  13. "Life Plan for the Life Span" (APA Publication) 

  14. Three Generations Prepare for "Retirement" (18th Annual Transamerica Retirement Survey of Workers 

  15. AoA’s 2017 Profile of Older Americans 

  16. EPI’s The State of American Retirement: How 401(k)s have failed most American workers 

  17. Behavioral and Psychological Aspects of the Retirement Decision 

  18. Psychological Effects of the transition to Retirement 

  19. How to "Pensionize" Any IRA or 401(k) [Stanford Center on Longevity.] 

  20. Guidance on Senior Products & Services  

  21. The Best Job Openings for Working Seniors 

  22. A comprehensive site for self-growth resources

  23. The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Move for Seniors 

  24. An excellent Senior Volunteering Resource 

  25. Tapping Into Technology to Stay Connected & Engaged 

  26. Resource Hub 

  27. Levin & Perconti Nursing Home Abuse Guide 

  28. on Internet and Smart Homes 

  29. The Basics of Financial Retirement Planning by a CEPF® 

  30. Senior Employment Programs and Resources 

  31. Medicare in California 

  32. How to protect older adults from online scams

  33. Learn to understand your medical test results